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Planned Giving

The philanthropic spirit always finds an appropriate form of expression. We see this clearly each time we witness the desire of a child determined to give a gift to a parent or teacher. That determination will always find the perfect way to express itself. And regardless of the form it takes, the value of the gift is beyond measure.

Many often lament the fact that as we get older, our child-like characteristics seem to fade. Thankfully, however, the philanthropic spirit that seems to reside somewhere in the heart of each of us does not dissipate with age.

We all want to leave a lasting and significant impression on those people that are most dear to us. Planning for the future and considering the legacy you will leave is one of the most effective ways to ensure a lasting impact on the world.

For many people, ensuring that their family members will be sufficiently cared for is of paramount importance. The search for significance and the desire to plan for your family’s future may lead you to consider a charitable gift, bequest or trust. Making these types of gifts is one of the easiest ways to guarantee that your legacy endures and that your loved ones will be well cared for in the future.

Our neighborhoods and cities thrive in part because of a pervading generosity. Our mission is to build communities where people with disabilities achieve their goals and indeed, the work of Quest depends on private individual expressions of support that come our way in countless forms.

The professionals that work in the development department of Quest have been trained to help you determine the type of charitable gift or bequest that suits your objectives. They will provide you with confidential information that will ensure you get the maximum tax benefits as you shape your legacy for future generations. Quest's planned giving program provides you with more information about gifts from appreciated assets, gifts of insurance, charitable bequests written in a will, charitable remainder trusts and gift annuities.

To become involved with Quest's planned giving program, contact the Development Department at 407.218.4300 or by email.


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