A Courageous Mascot Finds His Way to Quest Kids Academy
November 7th, 2019 8:48 am

Ever wonder where the Quest Kids Academy lion logo originated? It was chosen by all of our students… or was it the lion that chose our students? Read the story to find out!

On a hot summer day, a brave young lion was pacing in his cage in a circus tent. This was no place for a lion. He waited until the ring leader was fast asleep at the door of his cell. With a single claw, he sneakily reached through the bars and into the jacket pocket of the snoozing ring leader and snatched the key to his cage. He managed to open the gate and started running as fast as he could out of the circus tent and into the sunny city of Orlando.

The lion was puzzled because he had never seen what was beyond the circus tent walls. After many hours of searching for shelter, he came across a big building named “Quest Kids Academy.” He heard the voices of children laughing near the building. Since this was a familiar sound as one he heard from the audience at the circus, he decided to investigate.

The lion walked closer to the building and saw children of all ages playing outside. His face lit up with joy. “Could these humans help me?” he thought. Just then, a young boy named Nathan approached him. Nathan smiled at the lion. At that instant, the lion knew that he found his new home. He was adopted and became Quest Kids Academy's mascot! 

Nathan, a student at Quest Kids Academy, tells the grand story of how they picked a name for the lion. 

“Our mascot for Quest Kids Academy has always been a lion, but he never had a name. Nobody talked about Leo. Nobody knew who Leo was. I bet he must’ve felt sad and lonely. One day at Quest Kids Academy, we had a voting section in our school’s newsletter for what his name should be. We were deciding between several different names. When the votes came in, the most popular name was Leo! I bet he felt happy to finally have a name after all the years of not having a name! Now people talk about Leo. When people outside of Quest ask us who the lion is on the back of our QKA shirts, we can answer, ‘His name is Leo the lion.’”

Learn more about Quest Kids Academy by visiting www.questinc.org/learn.html#questkids.


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  • What Residents Say

    “Never ever think that you can't live on your own because it's always possible that you can.”

    BRAD Resident / Quest Village
  • What Parents Say

    “My daughter loves it. She loves the staff because they take good care of all of the campers that go there. She starts preparing to go back to camp the day I pick her up! I feel very comfortable; she’s safe and I’m satisfied.”

    MARY Parent / Quest's Camp Thunderbird
  • What Team Members Say

    “The work environment at Quest is one that is unparalleled. Fellow employees are always willing to help and inspiration is constantly provided by leadership.”

    MICHELLE Marketing and Communications Coordinator / Quest, Inc.