Let’s Get Ready for School – Quest Kids Academy Style
Quest Kids / August 28th, 2018 11:14 am

The first day of school was August 14th, 2018 and we’re off to a great start!

Whether it’s their first year of school at Quest Kids Academy or a returning student extraordinaire, getting prepped for school is always a priority, not to mention self-preparation for the daily routine of getting out the door each morning!

Some Tips for the Back-to-School Transition

Since the first day of school, has your morning routine worked for you? If not, here are a few tips for back-to-school prep we thought we’d share:
  • Use a calendar – Having information written out can be beneficial to help with adjustments and anxiety reduction.
  • Talk to your child frequently about school and what to expect throughout the year – This helps w ease the transition back into the classroom and can help reduce their anxiety about the upcoming change.
  • Provide a sensory item– If your child has sensory concerns when school starts, make sure he or she has their favorite sensory item available to help provide comfort, should they experience sensory overload.
  • Chamomile Tea… Or whatever helps with your own level of anxiety – Going back to school can be an exciting and stressful time, not only for your child but yourself. Children can pick up on their parents’ anxiety, so finding ways to help keep yourself calm will be beneficial for your own well-being and for your child.
  • Looking ahead to next year, start practicing the morning routine prior to school starting – Routine changes can be difficult. Starting those adjustments early can help ease some of the stress when school finally starts.

When in Doubt, Reach Out!

As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns, let us know! We are here not only for your child, but for you. There’s no question too big or small when it comes to your children.

If you’re just learning about Quest Kids Academy and are unsure if it’s the right fit for your child, let’s have a conversation! Speak with Quest Kids Academy Director, Melissa Lopez, via email or call her directly at 407.237.7362.

For additional information about Quest Kids Academy, please visit our website to learn more

We’re looking forward to continuing a fantastic school year!
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  • What Parents Say

    “The future may be unknown, but it is much brighter and we would never have been able to meet these milestones without Quest.”

    LIZ Parent / Quest Kids Therapy Center
  • What Parents Say

    “My daughter loves it. She loves the staff because they take good care of all of the campers that go there. She starts preparing to go back to camp the day I pick her up! I feel very comfortable; she’s safe and I’m satisfied.”

    MARY Parent / Quest's Camp Thunderbird
  • What Team Members Say

    “The work environment at Quest is one that is unparalleled. Fellow employees are always willing to help and inspiration is constantly provided by leadership.”

    MICHELLE Marketing and Communications Coordinator / Quest, Inc.